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Driven by Distraction is recruiting adults, level 85, who are searching for a guild that has a strong idea of who they are as a team and where they are going.

Please read the public forums before applying to be sure what we are striving for is where you want to be.

We are presently in need of strong healers and a couple adept dps who are quick on the CC.
Others dependent on quality of fit.
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Welcome to Driven By Distraction

Driven By Distraction is a guild centered around fairness, teamwork and community. We offer the freedom to do what you want within the game, whether it be raiding with your guild mates, participating in the BG, or sitting around guild chat with a fifth of Cuergo’s Gold, without ever feeling ostracized.

As such we offer a casual self-reliant environment within which to level as well as a more formalized raiding aspect. In this sense, we are a guild within a guild, with different guidelines as such.

As a member of Driven by Distraction you will have the possibility to partake in multiple aspects of the game but never leaving the glowy green chat of friends, which is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of guild membership. We set enough structure in place to provide a holding ground that gives membership the security that they are being led, but not so much that it is officer driven
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The lich king is dead

Luecifer666, Apr 3, 10 10:13 AM.

Fester Down

elderkilmage, Jan 28, 10 1:28 AM.

Rotface down!!!

elderkilmage, Jan 28, 10 1:28 AM.

Saurfang DOWN!!! 25man

elderkilmage, Jan 5, 10 1:38 AM.
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Heyyyyyyy DbD......

Djynn, Dec 25, 09 11:28 AM.


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